Friday, June 7, 2013

Stop Losses Are For Sissies

Stops matter more than almost anything else in trading. So few understand them.Some don’t even use them at all – mental or otherwise. The misunderstandings about stops contributes to more losses than just about anything else in trading. Think about your philosophy on stops. Do you have one?  Can you articulate it? I’m willing to bet that 99% of traders do not have written stop loss rules. Right next to what’s left of this beautiful apartment building in the Marina district is a stop sign. Right next to my first emptied and blown out account was a disregarded stop sign.  So many of them.  I ignored a lot of them. This ebook is about stops and using them correctly. It’s about destroying some of the myths surrounding stop loss orders. It’s about helping to make you a better trader. 
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Stop Losses Are For Sissies  or  Stop Losses Are For Sissies

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