Saturday, February 16, 2013

New trading dimensions

The average trader feels that trading the markets is a highly stressful occupation. Below are some actual questions we have received from active traders:
• How can I both enjoy trading and make profits trading the markets?
• Why am I so addicted to doing this when there are so many disappointments (losses)?
• How can I keep serenity inside myself and my loved ones while living in this turbulent world of the markets?
• How can I stop worrying so much in such a threatening atmosphere?
• Why do so many traders/investors lose money so consistently?
• How can I distinguish among all the hucksters who are hawking their wares as being the answer, when none of them seems to last even a couple of years?
• Why does my broker give me such bad advice?
• Why do all the newsletters I read boast of such enviable track records, but when I start trading them, they lose money?
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