Monday, July 23, 2012

Forex Hidden Systems

I – How to stay on top of Forex events
I.1 – News
I.2 – Economic Calendar
II – How to get a professional trading platform for free
III – How to setup charts
IV – Which time frames should you use?
V – Risk Management
VI – Simple Day Trading
VII – Intraday Large Swings
VIII – Solid Movers
IX – Swing Trader Master System
X – What indicators can you use to improve any trading
system or strategy or to reduce risks?

X.1 – The Awesome Oscillator
X.2 – The Alligator Indicator
X.3 – The Parabolic SAR
In order to stay on top of Forex events and be an informed trader, you need 2 simple things: a good news data feed and a good economic calendar. If you know where to look for, it’s really easy to stay on top of the market. In this chapter you’ll know the best places to look for information so that you can become an informed trader.
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