Saturday, September 24, 2011

The w.d. Gann Master Stock Market Course

Gann, the market master, wrote books and courses dealing with stocks, commodities, support and resistance, cycles, the law of vibration, Gann angles (the Gann fan), the Square of Nine (the Gann Wheel), the Hexagon Chart, squaring of price and time, and more. Gann was a Mason and Shriner and what he learned in those lodges is inseparably woven into his trading ideas. Although he has his detractors, few can argue that WD Gann wasn’t one of trading’s all time Greats. He’s right up there with the others such as Jessie Livermore, Richard Wycoff and a handful of others. Here are some of the noteable words of wisdom Gann left us. Download links :
Stock Market Course or Stock Market Course

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