Saturday, April 9, 2011

SOROS: The Unauthorized Biography, the Life, Times and Trading Secrets of the World's Greatest Investor

This interesting, readable, unauthorized biography of George Soros traces the life of a successful money manager across two continents. A blue-eyed, blond boy who enjoyed playing a Hungarian version of Monopoly in Budapest soon was delivering deportation notices to other Hungarian Jews after the Jewish Council of Budapest recruited children for that task. After WWII, Soros waited tables in London before enrolling in the London School of Economics. He came to New York in 1956 armed with a competitive edge?a knowledge of the European financial markets. This insight and his ability to discern long-term trends enabled him to become a successful investor and later successfully manage the Quantum Fund, according to Slater, a reporter for Time magazine. The life and times of George Soros are indeed interesting, but the "trading secrets" of the title are based more on his intuition than on objective evidence. An example: when choosing stocks in an industry, pick two?the best and the worst.
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