Saturday, March 5, 2011

30 days to market mastery

Financial markets throughout the world have changed their nature and structure dramatically since the 1970s. High-speed computers, powerful analytical software, the declining cost of commissions, instantaneous communications via the Internet, rapid dissemination of financially related news, business radio and television, the emergence of second- and third-world powers as significant financial and monetary forces, and the growing world dependence on fossil fuel have all combined in one grand “machine” to change the face of the markets. Events that affect the Chinese currency can and will have a ripple effect on currencies and markets the world over. Stock prices can be influenced dramatically by trends in underlying commodity prices. Daily price volatility has exploded in virtually every sector of the financial markets. This has created more opportunity as well as more risk. It has also narrowed the differences between stock and commodity markets. Indeed, in recent years there has been a growing participation by hedge funds, pension funds, and investment companies in the commodity markets.Download links :

30 days to market mastery or 30 days to market mastery

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