Monday, May 10, 2010

Trade Like Warren Buffett

Trade Like Warren Buffett challenges the current coverage of this great investor by including details of all of Buffett’s investing and trading methods, including demographics, mean reversion, arbitrage, market timing, as well as Graham and Dodd. In addition to the value investing approach, this book discusses other, lesser-known trading strategies and techniques that have helped to make Buffett the greatest investor in history. To augment the discussion of each strategy, Trade Like Warren Buffett includes interviews with leading professionals who reveal in detail how they successfully use the same techniques as Buffett. "Trade like Buffett" is a useful addition to the Buffett library and reviews some of the strategies that made the "oracle" who he is today. The author does not idolize Buffett and even admits to being jealous of him, but he delivers a brief but interesting tour through some aspects of special situation investing.

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