Sunday, May 10, 2009

Getting Started in Currency Trading

Getting Started in Currency Trading is intended to introduce the novice investor to the exciting, complex,and sometimes profitable realm of trading world currencies on the foreign exchange markets (FOREX). It also serves as a reference guide for stocks and futures traders who wish to branch out into new securities opportunities. Our primary focus is on the rapidly expanding and evolving online trading marketplace for spot currencies.

From the very beginning we must emphasize that currency trading may not be to everyone’s disposition. The neophyte investor must be keenly aware of all the risks involved and should never trade on funds he or she deems necessary for survival. If you have some experience with leveraged markets such as futures or options, you owe yourself a look at FOREX. Those who have never traded will find it the “purest” of all speculative adventures.

Currency trading requires some minimal record keeping. The novice investor will be pleased to know that the mathematics of trading and calculating profit or loss involves nothing more than simple, four-function arithmetic—addition, subtraction, multiplication and division—and that we have kept division examples to a minimum.

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Getting Started in Currency Trading


Getting Started in Currency Trading

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