Saturday, April 25, 2009

What moves the currency market

The stock market has traditionally received the lion’s share of attention in the trading industry,but foreign currency (forex) trading has surged in recent years. Forex’s 24-hour access, liquidity and high leverage has attracted many active traders. Intraday traders can respond immediately to breaking news and events,thus avoiding having to wait for the market to open and risk “paying the gap.”

Because of regulations, capital re q u i rements and technology,access to the forex market was traditionally restricted to hedge funds, large commodity trading advisors (CTAs) and institutional investors. However, in recent years many firms have sprung up to offer forex trading to retail traders.

The growth in this area of the trading industry has been very rapid, especially as equity and futures traders realize the approaches they’ve been using for years in their respective markets— particularly price-based techniques based on technical and quantitative analysis — are equally applicable to forex.

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What moves the currency market


What moves the currency market

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