Thursday, January 23, 2014

Guide to World Currencies

Tired of searching endless Internet forex portals and reams of data to find information about countries and what influences their currencies? Search no longer, because GFT has compiled the research for you in one easy–to–read document, the 2006 GFT Guide to Currency Trading. You now have the facts you need for the major currencies traded on the spot forex market. Whether you are new to forex trading or a seasoned professional forex trader, GFT’s Guide to Currency Trading offers you the essentials to trade spot forex.

The Guide to Currency Trading is assembled with forex essentials for developed and emerging countries and their currencies. The guide also provides all of the information necessary to study what powers the forex market, including concrete facts about each country’s respective currency as well as important characteristics and economic indicators that pressure foreign exchange rates. You can gather all of the details about a country’s monetary and fiscal policies, its economic workings and when governmental announcements and events are scheduled.

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Guide to World Currencies or Guide to World Currencies

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